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Welcome to Better Business.

PKF is an International grouping of independent, autonomous firms of Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Management Consultants. Operating a network of 350 offices, our firms are staffed by over 7,800 professionals.  PKF firms operate in over 110 countries throughout the world, embracing East, West and Central Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, East and West Africa. Southern Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Central and South America, Southern Asia, China and the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.  PKF is currently the eleventh largest group of accountancy practices in the world.

Treat your business to a secure future

Treat you and your business to a secure future ...

PKF is bound by the high ethical standards of the accounting profession.  These convention require complete independence, objectivity, full disclosure of material factors affecting findings and conclusions, and protection of the confidentiality of financial data provided.  These standards are brought to bear in the undertaking of each specific assignment.

We can help your business grow

We can help your business to grow ...

In Ghana, PKF has a rich experience in audit of financial institutions and in the finance industry.  It has also an extensive expertise in financial assessment and auditing of World Bank sponsored projects and other Non Governmental Organisations.


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