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PKF - The Firm’s Profile

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PKF is an International grouping of independent, autonomous firms of Chartered Accountants, Business Advisers and Management Consultants. Operating a network of 350 offices, our firms are staffed by over 7,800 professionals. 

PKF Firms operate in over 110 countries throughout the world, embracing East, West and Central Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, East and West Africa. Southern Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Central and South America, Southern Asia, China and the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.  PKF is currently the eleventh largest group of accountancy practices in the world.

PKF provide general financial and strategic services to a wide range of clients, although a substantial proportion of their work is carried out on behalf of national governments, public enterprises and parastatal bodies.  Our expertise includes:

  • project management of multi-disciplinary programmes;
  • design and evaluation of donor-funded programmes;
  • business planning, strategic development and diversification strategies;
  • enterprise commercialisation, restructuring and privatisation strategy studies;
  • reorganisation of financial and administrative functions within public sector organisations;
  • project feasibility studies and computer-based financial forecasting;
  • profitability improvement and efficiency studies;
  • design and implementation of computer-based management information  and financial control systems.
  • hotel, leisure and tourism
  • taxation services
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